Ontario Ecology, Ethology, and Evolution Colloquium

OE3C 2013: May 2-4 in London, ON

Every year for the past 43 years, undergraduates, graduates, postdocs, and faculty from across Ontario and beyond have come together to present their research at the Ontario Ecology, Ethology, and Evolution Colloquium (OE3C). This graduate student organized conference is a great way for young researchers to present their work in a constructive and collegial environment, and for faculty to recruit promising new students. OE3C welcomes research posters and talks on diverse topics such as evolution, genetics, psychology, conservation, and environmental science, as well as ecology and behaviour.

This year, Western University is hosting the OE3C. We invite undergraduates, graduates, postdocs, and faculty to present their research in May 2013!


OE3C 2014 will be hosted by the University of Guelph!

Student awards winners!

1. Best graduate student talk
First Place: Stefan Schneider (University of Guelph)
Second Place: David McGeachy (Laurentian University)

2. Best Undergraduate Talk
First Place: Sara Handrigan (Western University)
Second Place: Terrence Chang (Western University)

3. Best Graduate Poster
First Place: Katelyn Weaver (Western University)
Second Place: Steve Sharron (Western University)

4. Best Undergraduate Poster
First Place: Georgina Braoudakis (University of Toronto)
Second Place: Kate Eisen (University of Guelph)

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Short information

Verbal presentations: 15 minutes (12 min talk, 3 min questions)
Poster presentations: Portait orientation. Maximum size is 4 ft tall (122 cm) x 3 ft wide (91 cm)

Plenary Speakers

Dr. Louis Lefebvre
Department of Biology, McGill University
Feeding Innovations in Birds and their Implications for Ecology, Evolution and Neuroscience
Sponsored by the Zoological Education Trust (part of the Canadian Society of Zoologists)

Dr. Bryan Neff
Department of Biology, Western University
The Evolving Nature of Behavioural Ecology: Mating Systems to Genomes

Dr. David F. Sherry
Department of Psychology, Western University
Timing, Anticipation, and Consolidation of Memory in Food-storing Birds

Dr. Merritt Turetsky
Department of Integrative Biology, University of Guelph
Assessing the Resilience of Northern Ecosystems to Changing Climate and Disturbance Regimes

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