Congrats Alex and Cameron for getting TBCRU and CaRTT studentships!

Cameron and Alex


Congrats Michelle for getting a Lawson studentship!



AACR meeting, Washington DC 2013

Cameron and Magda


Nov 2013: PhysPharm Research day with keynote speaker Dr Mina Bissell

Dr. Mina Bissel


Nov 2012: Congratulations to Jeff Law for winning the Bill Bottom Award for an exceptional Physiology MSc thesis!

Jeff- Bill Bottom Award


Oct 2012: Congratulations to Donna Cvetkovic for successfully completing her MSc. degree.

Donna and family


April 2013 - Congratulations to Donna Cvetkovic on her Endocrinology paper. For media coverage see here.


October 2012 - Celebrating Donna's graduation at Marble Slab

 Celebrating at Marble Slab


June 2012 Graduation Day

Moshmi and Jeff
Jeff's Graduation

Jeff and Josh
Jeff and Josh

Jeff's family
Jeff's family