National Centre for Audiology


Hearing Research Books

The NCA research team is interdisciplinary, including specialists in Audiology, Computer Science, Engineering, Experimental Psychology, Hearing Science and Speech Science. Our major areas of strength are:

1. pediatric diagnostics, amplification and rehabilitation;
2. adult aural rehabilitation;
3. acoustic signal processing;
4. speech communication;
5. hearing science.

For a detailed description of on-going and past research projects at the NCA, select one of the following options:

Aural rehabilitation
Adult aural rehabilitation, perceived self-efficacy for managing everyday communication situations, the use of Goal Attainment Scaling in Adult Aural Rehabilitation, barriers and facilitators to the use of assistive technology, determining Aural Rehabilitation readiness, university classroom hearing accessibility, universal hearing design, workplace accessibility assessment for older adults with hearing loss

Child hearing research
Developmental psychoacoustics, central auditory processing disorders and pediatric amplification

Hearing aids
Electroacoustic analysis and fitting

Hearing science
Speech perception, sound localization, aging auditory system

Spoken language communication
Speech perception and disorders, treatment of spoken language disorders, child aural habilitation, technically-supported auditory verbal therapy.