2017-18 Courses

1000 Level

German 1030: German for Beginners
Practice speaking, understanding, reading and writing German in a dynamic class setting. Develop your communicative skills while learning interesting and useful things about the German-speaking countries. Consider taking part in one of our many study-abroad or exchange opportunities.
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2000 Level

German 2200: Intermediate German
Improve your speaking, reading and writing skills in a small class setting. Find out more about the culture of the German-speaking countries through authentic readings, short films, songs, interviews and biographies, while building your vocabulary and reviewing all major areas of German grammar.
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2017-18-german-2220b.bmpGerman 2220B: German Conversation
Practice speaking German through guided conversations, discussions, role plays and games. Learn how to make small talk, ask for and give advice, complain about something, ask someone a favour, explain things, respond to an invitation, give opinions, etc. Improve your fluency while also learning about some current issues and cultural peculiarities of the German-speaking countries. Build your intercultural competence through systematic practice of many conversational situations. View Syllabus

cropped-Berlin-6.jpg--CANCELLED-- German 2256G: Berlin Snapshots
This course introduces students to the literature and culture of modern Berlin through the study of six “snapshots,” each illuminating a moment in the city’s turbulent and ever-evolving history: the Emergence of Modern Berlin; Berlin, Imperial Capital; Berlin in the Weimar Republic; Berlin under National Socialism; Devided Berlin; Post-Unification Berlin.
Cross listed with CLC 2136B
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German 2260G: From Berlin to Hollywood: German Exile Cinema
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This course is cross listed with CLC 2291G and Film Studies 2297G.

German 2500F: Bridging Classroom & Community: Languages & Cultures in Action
Would you like to acquire lifelong competences that will allow you to build (self)-cultural awareness and interact meaningfully with other cultures in today's globalized world? Then Bridging Classroom and Community is your course! We will explore issues of identity, memory, immigration, prejudice, stereotype, and intercultural dialogue, while building a connection with our own London community, and its wealth of languages and cultures via collaborative projects between students and members of this community.
This course is cross listed with CLC/ITA/SPA 2500F 
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3000 Level

German 3305: Advanced German
Take your German to the next level while exploring topics such as travel, politics, history, film, music, fine art, literature, technology and the environment. Learn to speak and write more fluently, express yourself more idiomatically, and master the more challenging points of German grammar.
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2017-18-german-3331f.bmp--CANCELLED-- German 3331F: Uncanny German Stories A man loses his shadow and goes on a wild adventure to get it back while another character wakes up one morning to find himself transformed into a giant bug. Why do such stories sound strangely familiar and yet make us shiver? This course will show the German way of delving into uncanny, the weird, the titillating and the grotesquely funny was we explore the mysterious worlds of stories by German authors ranging from Romanticism to the late 20th century. Taught in German.
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2017-18-clc-3351f.bmp--CANCELLED-- German 3360F: Intermediality: Where Literature and Other Media Meet
What happens to a story as it moves from the medium of language to the medium of film? What are the differences, commonalities and problems associated with the (mis)matching of two ways of representing reality? We will explore ways of "seeing" with words and "telling" with images...or vice versa. We will consider what is lost and/or gained through this intermedial process and to what extent filmmakers "respect" their literary sources or displace them. All discussion will be contextualized in the exploration of human psychology, anthropology and the history of ideas. Taught in English.
Cross listed with CLC 3351F.
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--CANCELLED-- German 3361G: Haunted Screen: Early German Cinema
Description coming soon.
Cross listed with CLC 3902G and Film Studies 3377G
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4000 Level

German 4500G: Senior Research Project
Chicken soup for a cold or flu is not a recent concept but an age-old remedy. Centred on the theme “Food and Medicine in the Middle Ages” develop your own research project. Avenues to explore may range from medieval ideas about nutrition, sick-dishes, foodstuffs and drugs, to cooking and dining practices, regional preferences and intercultural influences. Choose the medium of presentation that best suits your topic.
Cross listed with CLC/Italian/Spanish 4500G
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