Digital Humanities

2017-18 Courses

2000 Level

DH 2126G: Ethics for a Digital World
Have you ever wondered if something you're about to do online is right or wrong? When does downloading count as theft? Is cyber sex cheating? Does a hacker’s code of ethics make any sense? Is online bullying worse than other forms of bullying? Students will explore these questions and others through a study of both ethical theory and a series of cases in the burgeoning and important field of digital ethics. You'll learn what traditional ethics has to say about these questions and also learn about the ways in which life online is stretching and changing our moral concepts. View Syllabus
Cross listed with Phil 2078G

DH 2144B: Data Analytics: Principles and Tools
A comprehensive and interdisciplinary introduction to data analytics using modern computing systems, with equal attention to fundamentals and practical aspects. Topics include sources of data, data formats and transformation, usage of spreadsheets and databases, statistical analysis, pattern recognition, data mining, big data, and methods for data presentation and visualization
Cross listed with CS 2034B View Syllabus

DH 2220A: Computing and Informatics in the Humanities I
It's 2016 do you know how to code yet? We live in an era of unprecedented data generation and nowhere is that more apparent than in the life sciences. Without automated tools to help us process, format and mine our data, we are essentially helpless, buried by sheer volume.This course will teach you the basics of computer programming, oriented completely towards helping make you a 21st century scientist. Even if you end up choosing a career path outside of science, basic programming skills will enable you to grapple with problems and datasets that are inaccessible to those without these skills. View Syllabus
Cross listed with CS 2120A

DH 2221B: Computing and Informatics in the Humanities II
A continuation of DH 2220A with a deeper exploration of organizing and manipulating large data sets. Project-based course.
Cross listed with CS 2121B View Syllabus

3000 Level

DH 3220A: Databases for the Humanities
A study of modern database systems and their applications to and use in humanities and social science projects. Topics include database design, querying, administration, security, and privacy..
Cross listed with CS 3319A/CS 3120A View Syllabus

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