Comparative Literature and Culture

2017-18 Courses

2000 Level

2017-18-clc-2102b-picture.bmpCLC 2102B: Utopias and Visions of the Future
On the basis of books and stories from antiquity to more recent times, this course will take you across the map of Europe in search of various attempts to imagine ideal societies and perfect places. Exploring the political, social and cultural basis of utopian impulse, we will consider how utopia morphs into its polar opposite: the nightmare of dystopia. Taught in English. View Syllabus 

clc-2107a-sp-2901a-film-2195a.jpgCLC 2107A: World Cultures/Global Screens
By looking at a body of films from Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, this course aims to expose students to a wide range of questions and debates around culture and identity, while also relating these matters to circulating discourses about the Global. Depending on each case study, the consecutive units focus on different critical approaches, alternatively addressing questions concerning the representation of racial, ethnic and cultural identities, matters of gender and female authorship, and issues of genre and stardom.
This course is cross listed with Spanish 2901A and Film 2195A. View Syllabus

CLC 2132A: Italian Journeys
Travel through three major capitals of Italian culture: Florence, Venice, and Naples.
Explore the variety of their artistic splendor, enjoy the pleasure of their literary and filmic tradition and understand crucial moments of their socio-political history. 
Meet emblematic historical figures of artists, politicians and writers, crucial for the destiny of their city and beyond, such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Machiavelli, Michelangelo, The Medicis, Goldoni, Basile.
Our journey spans from the Renaissance to the present and unfolds following the footsteps of illustrious travelers such as Goethe, Dickens and, whose descriptions of the Bel Paese have watermarked the expectations of millions of tourists. 
Movies, literary readings, masterpieces of plastic and figurative arts, plays, historiography and political essays, documentaries and, in some cases, music will be our introductions to these cities.
Get on board, you too, for the everlasting Grand Tour!
This course is cross listed with Italian 2240F.
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cropped-Berlin-6.jpg--CANCELLED -- CLC 2136B: Berlin Snapshots
This course introduces students to the literature and culture of modern Berlin through the study of six “snapshots,” each illuminating a moment in the city’s turbulent and ever-evolving history: the Emergence of Modern Berlin; Berlin, Imperial Capital; Berlin in the Weimar Republic; Berlin under National Socialism; Devided Berlin; Post-Unification Berlin.
This course is cross listed with German 2256G.
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CLC 2291G: From Berlin to Hollywood: German Exile cinema 
Description coming soon.
Cross listed with German 2260G and Film Studies 2297G.
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clc-2297f--sp-3902f-vah-2266f.jpgCLC 2297F: Pre-Contact American Art and Architecture 
This course will introduce students to the arts of the indigenous peoples of North, Central, and South America from the Prehistoric times until the early colonial era.  Relying on a thematic organization, we will consider how artworks, whether weavings, baskets, ceramics, sculptures, paintings, or architecture, reflect the worldviews of the indigenous Americans who created and used them.  By using an interdisciplinary approach, we will study these cultures and artworks from the perspectives of art history, anthropology, archaeology, history, and ethnography. Our interdisciplinary perspective will assist us in partially reconstructing the cultural practices of these American societies prior to contact with the Europeans who arrived in the sixteenth century.

This course is cross listed with Spanish 3902F and VAH 2266F. 
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CLC 2500F: Bridging Classroom & Community: Languages & Cultures in Action
Would you like to acquire lifelong competences that will allow you to build (self)-cultural awareness and interact meaningfully with other cultures in today's globalized world? Then Bridging Classroom and Community is your course! We will explore issues of identity, memory, immigration, prejudice, stereotype, and intercultural dialogue, while building a connection with our own London community, and its wealth of languages and cultures via collaborative projects between students and members of this community.
This course is cross listed with GER/ITA/SPA 2500F 
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3000 Level

 -- CANCELLED-- CLC 3351F: Intermediality: Where Literature and Other Media Meet
What happens to a story as it moves from the medium of language to the medium of film? What are the differences, commonalities and problems associated with the (mis)matching of two ways of representing reality? We will explore ways of "seeing" with words and "telling" with images...or vice versa. We will consider what is lost and/or gained through this intermedial process and to what extent filmmakers "respect" their literary sources or displace them. All discussion will be contextualized in the exploration of human psychology, anthropology and the history of ideas. Taught in English.
This course is cross listed with German 3360F.
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clc-2297f--sp-3902f-vah-2266f.jpg-- CANCELLED-- CLC 3302G: Haunted Screen: Early German Cinema 
Description coming soon.
This course is cross listed with German 3361G and Film Studies 3377G. 
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4000 Level

CLC 4500G: Senior Research Project
Chicken soup for a cold or flu is not a recent concept but an age-old remedy. Centred on the theme “Food and Medicine in the Middle Ages” develop your own research project. Avenues to explore may range from medieval ideas about nutrition, sick-dishes, foodstuffs and drugs, to cooking and dining practices, regional preferences and intercultural influences. Choose the medium of presentation that best suits your                                         topic.
This course is cross listed with GER/ITA/SPA 4500G
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