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1030 Spanish for Beginners

Using traditional and communicative practices (songs, videos,films, games) this course prepares students to interact in a daily life context and provides the foundation for continued studies in Spanish. Designed for students with little or no knowledge of Spanish. 
Antirequisite(s): Grade 12 U Spanish, Spanish 1030W/X. 4
hours, 1.0 course.


Spanish 1030/001 - M-F  9:30-12:30 pm, UC 222
Spanish 1030/002 - M-F  1:00-4:00 pm, UC 222

Summer Day

Spanish 1030/001 - M-F 9:30-12:30 pm, KB-K208

Courses Fall/Winter 2013-2014


Course CodeCourse Name
Arabic 1030 001 Arabic for Beginners
Arabic 1030 002 Arabic for Beginners
Arabic 1035 001 Arabic for Advanced Beginners
Arabic 2250 Intermediate Arabic
Arabic 3300 Advanced Arabic


Comparative Literature and Culture

Course CodeCourse name
CLC 1020 From Homer to Picasso: Western Culture Across the Ages
CLC 1023 Sex and Culture
CLC 2110G Utopias and Visions of the Future
CLC 2193G The Arabic Novel: Journeys Between Cultures
CLC 2194F Courtly Love
CLC 2204F Research Methods
CLC 2205G Introduction to Literary Theory
CLC 2270F The Romantic Period
CLC 2291G* European Theatre
CLC 2292G*/Italian 2240G Italian Journeys
CLC 2293F*/German 2251F German Fairy Tales
CLC 2294F* The Battle of the Sexes in Western Literature
CLC 3301G*/Italian 3340G Rome: The Eternal City
CLC 3333F/Italian 3360F* Dante's Inferno
CLC 3334G/Italian 3361G* Dante's Purgatorio
CLC 3336F The Gay Literary Tradition
CLC 4491G/Spanish 4532G Hispanic Masters and Masterpieces (Quijote)


Digital Humanities

Course CodeCourse Name
Digital Humanities 1011B Programming my Digital Life
Digital Humanities 2125G/Phil 2078G Ethics for a Digital World
Digital Humanities 2220A/Computer Science 2120A Computing and Informatics in the Humanities
Digital Humanities 2221B/Computer Science 2121B Computing and Informatics in the Humanities II
Digital Humanities 2303F Culture, Identity and Community in Virtual Worlds


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Course CodeCourse Name
German 1030 German for Beginners
German 2200 Intermediate German
German 2215G Exploring German Cultures
German 2220A German Conversation
German 2251F/CLC 2293F* German Fairy Tales
German 3305 Advanced German



Course CodeCourse Name
Hindi 1030 Hindi for Beginners



Course CodeCourse Name
Italian 1030 Italian for Beginners
Italian 2200 Intermediate Italian
Italian 2215G Exploring Italian Culture
Italian 2220A Italian Conversation
Italian 2240G/CLC 2292G Italian Journeys
Italian 3300 Advanced Italian
Italian 3340G/CLC 3301G* Rome: The Eternal City
Italian 3360F*/CLC 3333F Dante's Inferno
Italian 3361G*/CLC 3334G Dante's Purgatorio
Italian 4400A Fourth Year Italian: Language, History and Culture


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Course CodeCourse Name
Japanese 1036 001 Japanese for Beginners
Japanese 1036 002 Japanese for Beginners
Japanese 1036 003 Japanese for Beginners
Japanese 1036 004 Japanese for Beginners
Japanese 2260 Intermediate Japanese



Course CodeCourse Name
Korean 1030 001
Korean for Beginners
Korean 1030 002 Korean for Beginners
Korean 1030 003 Korean for Beginners
Korean 2200 Intermediate Korean



Course CodeCourse Name
Persian 1030 Persian for Beginners



Course CodeCourse Name
Portuguese 1030 Portuguese for Beginners



Course CodeCourse Name
Russian 1030 Russian for Beginners



Course CodeCourse Name
Spanish 1030 Spanish for Beginners
Spanish 2200 Intermediate Spanish
Spanish 2214F Comparative Grammar of English and Spanish
Spanish 2215F Exploring Hispanic Cultures I
Spanish 2216G Exploring Hispanic Cultures II
Spanish 2220A Spanish Conversation
Spanish 2220B Spanish Conversation
Spanish 3300 Advanced Spanish Language
Spanish 3303B The Structure of Spanish
Spanish 3314A Hispanic Sociolinguistics
SP 3315F/Ling 2244F Second Language Acquisition
Spanish 3500G

To apply for this course

Spanish 3531F Myths and Legends of the Hispanic World
Spanish 3561F Gender and Hispanic Cultures
Spanish 3911A The Dialects of Spanish
Spanish 4415B The Spanish Word
Spanish 4422G Music, Dance, Performance in the Hispanic World
Spanish 4532G/CLC 4491G Hispanic Masters and Masterpieces (Quijote)

*Special Topics

Interested in taking your learning outside the classroom? Learn more about Community Service Learning, Community Service Learning is an option in Spanish 2200 and 3300.

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