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The U.W.O. library is one of the best in Canada, and graduate students generally find that it meets all their needs for research in Spanish literature and culture. Western's library collections comprise over two million volumes, and over two million items in microfilm and other media, including tapes, recordings and films. The main D.B. Weldon Library, located at the centre of campus, contains excellent collections in Spanish and Latin-American literature and civilization, as well as other relevant areas, including other modern languages, Classical Studies, Critical Theory, and Women's Literary History and Feminist Criticism. In addition, D.B. Weldon's reference staff are uncommonly dedicated to helping you find what you need by accessing a wide range of on-line, microtext, CD-ROM, and other research resources.

Computer Facilities

Graduate students have access to computer facilities in both the Department of Modern Languages and the Faculty of Arts Centre for Textual Research. These include facilities for word-processing, laser printing, CD-ROM and database searches, electronic communications and Internet access.


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