Application Process for entry into The Graduate Program in Hispanic Studies

No application will be considered until it is complete. The responsibility rests with the applicant to ensure that all documents (i.e. transcripts, letters of reference, test results) are submitted by the programs deadline for application.  Please note that for Hispanic Studies, the English Proficiency is an exit requirement, and not an entrance one.

Completed applications will be evaluated by the program, which makes the admission decision. The School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies sends out offers of admission and handles all administrative aspects of registration.

For admission to the Master's program, applicants must possess a four-year degree from an accredited university. The program requires at least a 78% overall average in the last two full-time years of the undergraduate degree. Equivalent qualifications may be considered based on the standards of the discipline or profession.

For admission to the Doctoral program, applicants must possess a Master's degree or equivalent from an accredited university and provide evidence of research potential. The program requires at least an 80% average in the Master's degree. Equivalent qualifications may be considered based on the standards of the discipline.

Although applications are processed centrally, applicants are encouraged to contact individual faculty members to discuss their research interests and possible research projects where applicable. However, individual faculty members do not directly admit students.

If you are interested in visiting the department after submitting your application, please contact us to make arrangements.

Online Application

To apply for admission, a completed application must be submitted, providing Western with the following:

  • 1. Personal Information
    • We ask for basic information concerning your identity and contact information. 

  • 2. Academic History
    • We ask that you supply Western with a listing of all post‐secondary schools you have attended.

  • 3. References
    • 2 Academic references are required. We will email your referees within 24 hours of entering or updating your reference information. Each reference will be collected by Western and distributed alongside your application once it arrives. No paper reference letters are required.

  • 4. Supplementary Questions
    • Our supplementary questions help us to determine if our graduate program and available resources are appropriate for your area of interest. The responses you provide are made available to the program during the assessment process. One of these questions is to give a statement of academic intent. It is meant to be a brief description of academic interests and proposed specializations.

  • 5. Application Fee Payment
    application fee to the Hispanic Studies Program is $115.
    • Western accepts two methods of payment in order to process your application.
      • Credit Card (Visa/MasterCard)
      • Money Order in Canadian Funds

  • 6. Supplemental Documents
    • Western makes it possible for you to submit your supporting documents in a digital format. This includes an academic record/transcript from each school you note in your Academic History, English proficiency test results, sample of previous academic work (written work ie: previous essay), and your required Statement of Interest (Letter of Intent). This statement is typically between 300-1000 words (or 1-2 single-spaced pages). This letter should address:
    • *Your specific area of academic interest (the research topic you want to work on and with whom),
    • *How your past education and other experiences have prepared you to be successful in our graduate program,
    • *What you hope to achieve in our graduate program,
    • *Why our program is the best place for you to pursue your interests.

  • 7. Proficiency in English Scores, if applicable (You must have the testing service send your score electronically to Western.)



Western accepts digital academic records within your application however if you are offered admission you are required to provide one official academic transcript* from each post-secondary institution you have attended. These documents should be mailed directly to The School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

  • Past or current students of The University of Western do not need to provide transcripts for their academic history at Western. This information will be obtained internally.

*Western considers a transcript official only if it is received in a university envelope that is sealed and signed on the flap by the official person in the office issuing the transcript. If the transcript and degree certificate are not in English, a certified translation must also be included. (Non-English transcripts from institutions within Canada do not require a translation.)

All documents and transcripts submitted to The University of Western Ontario become the property of the University and will not be returned.

Applications are typically taken on an ongoing basis. However, early applications are strongly recommended.

Applications for Fall 2018 are due by February 1st, 2018. 

Online application