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Yasaman Rafat

rafatAssistant Professor, Hispanic Studies

Ph.D. Toronto
Office: AHB 3G28D
Extension: 81092

Office Hours: Tuesdays, 11am-12pm

Areas of Interest

Refereed Publications

Colantoni, L., & Rafat, Y. (In Press). Las consonantes r?ticas en el espa?ol argentino [Rhotic? consonants in Argentine Spanish]. In L. Colantoni & C. Rodr?guez LouroPerspectivas? te?ricas y? experimentales?sobre el espa?ol de la Argentina[Theoretical and experimental perspectives on Argentinian? Spanish].??

Rafat, Y. (2010). A Socio-phonetic investigation of rhotics in Persian. Iranian Studies, 43, 667-680.

Rafat, Y. (2008). The acquisition of allophonic variation in Spanish as a second language. In S. Jones (ed). Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Canadian Linguistic Association. Vancouver.

Refereed Presentations

Rafat, Y. (May, 2011). Serial position effects in orthography-induced transfer. Paper presented at the Canadian Linguistics Association Annual Conference, Vancouver, BC.

Rafat, Y. (April, 2011)When our senses deceive us: Interaction between auditory and orthographic information in cross-linguistic speech processing. University of Toronto 30th Annual Levy-Wasteney Graduate Symposium, Toronto, ON.

Colantoni, L. & Rafat (September, 2010).Assibilation and the nature of rhotic contrast in Spanish. Laboratory Approaches to Romance Phonology, Provo, Utah.

Rafat, Y. & MacLeod, B. (September, 2010).The effect of orthography on the formation of underlying representations in L2 Spanish. Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition, Toronto, ON.

Rafat, Y. (March, 2010). Orthography-induced transfer: the case of English speaking learners of Spanish. Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages, Seattle, WA.

Rafat, Y. (May, 2010). Orthography as a conditioning factor in L2 transfer: evidence from English speakers production of Spanish consonants. 6th International Symposium on the Acquisition of the Second Language Speech "New sounds", Poznan, Poland.

Rafat, Y. (March, 2010). The effect of orthography on pronunciation. Quebec-Ontario dialogues on the acquisition of Spanish, Toronto, ON.

Rafat, Y. (October, 2008). The acquisition of trills in Spanish as a foreign language by Farsi speaking adult learners. Hispanic Linguistics Symposium, Quebec City, QC.

Rafat, Y. (July, 2008). A socio-phonetic investigation of rhotics in Farsi. Seventh Biennial Conference on Iranian Studies, Toronto, ON.

Rafat, Y. (May, 2008). The acquisition of allophonic variation in Spanish and the role of style. Canadian Linguistics Association Annual Conference, Vancouver, BC.

Rafat, Y. (November, 2007). Transfer in L2 phonology: the case of vowel harmony in Farsi-speaking learners of Spanish. Hispanic Linguistics Symposium, San Antonio, TX. 

Courses Taught 

Undergraduate Courses:

SP 1030 Spanish for Beginners 
SP 3314F Hispanic Sociolinguistics

Undergraduate Course Coordinator:

SP 1030 Spanish for Beginners
SP 2200 Intermediate Spanish

Graduate Courses:

SP 9712b Introduction to Linguistics I: Spanish Phonology and L2 Acquisition