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Luca Pocci

pocciAssistant Professor, Italian

Ph.D. Toronto
Office: AHB 3G28E
Extension: 86062

Office Hours: Tuesday 11:30am-1:30pm

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Luca Pocci, ed. (with Paolo Chirumbolo). Bel Paese? The Representation of Landscape in Contemporary Italian Literature and Film. Lewiston, NY: The Edwin Mellen Press, expected 2012;

Luca Pocci, ed. (with Wolfgang Huemer & John Gibson). A Sense of the World:? Essays on Fiction, Narrative and Knowledge.New York and London: Routledge, 2007, XIV + 314 pp.

Chapters in Books

“Tabucchi and the Phantasms of the Past.” In The Years of Recovery: Literature and Popular Culture in 1980s Italy.” Ed. Paolo Chirumbolo and Mario Moroni. London: Legenda, expected 2012;

“Saviano e la new Italian po-ethic.” In In the Archives and on the Streets: the ‘Return to the Real’ in the Italian Fiction of the New Millennium. Ed. Luca Somigli. Rome: Aracne, expected 2012.

"Discipline e Indiscipline d'Inizio Millennio: Note sulla Tematica." In Francesco Guardiani ed., What's Next: A St. Michael's College Symposium. Ottawa: Legas, 2009, 429-38;

"The Return of the Repressed: Caring about Literature and Its Themes." In A Sense of the World: Essays on Fiction, Narrative and Knowledge. Ed. John Gibson, Wolfgang Huemer and Luca Pocci. New York and London: Routledge, 2007, pp. 89-103;

"Literarische Themen und Erkenntnis" ("Literary Themes and Knowledge"). In Kunst Denken. Edited and translated by Alex Burri and Wolfgang Huemer. Paderborn: Mentis, 2007, pp. 201-16.


"Ginzburg e Manzoni: Tra la Storia e il Romanzo" Italica 89.2 (2012):220-236;

"Io so: A Reading of Roberto Saviano’s Gomorra.” MLN 126.1 (January 2011): 224-244;

"History, Parahistory and the Uses of Memory in Timothy Findley's Famous Last Words." Clio: A Journal of Literature, History and the Philosophy of History 38.2 (Spring 2009): 151-172;

"La trilogia sulla citt? di Giuseppe Culicchia." Forum Italicum (Fall 2008): 313-334;

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“Il fiume della scrittura: viaggio e romanzo saggio in Danubio di Claudio Magris.” Italian Culture XXIV-XXV (2006-07): 91-112; a Hungarian translation of this article appears in ?rgus 4/5, 2007 (Az ?r?s folyama = Utaz?s ?s reg?ny-essz? Claudio Magris Duna c?mu k?nyv?ben, 102-119)

“Between the Visible and the Invisible: Calvino’s Cities and Memory.” Quaderni d’Italianistica 2006: vol. xxvii, n.1, pp. 109-123;

“Lubom?r Dole?el. Heterocosmica: Fiction and Possible Worlds.” Rivista di studi italiani. June 2000: n. 1, pp. 224-31;

“Il signor Palomar, artigiano della meditazione.” Rivista di studi italiani. June 1999: vol. 17, n.1, pp. 286-307.

Review Articles

Jeannet Angela M., Under the Radiant Sun and the Crescent Moon: Italo Calvino's Storytelling. Rivista di studi italiani. Vol. 19.1 (2002): 310-14;

Segre Cesare, Ritorno alla critica. Literary Research/Recherche Litt?raire. Vol. 18 (Fall-Winter 2001): 510-13;

Belpoliti Marco, L'occhio di Calvino. Rivista di studi italiani. Vol. XVI.1 (1998): pp. 430-36.


(with Elias Polizoes): “The Jungle and the Niche,” by Remo Bodei. Alphabet 
City, eds. Cornelius Heesters & Len Guenther (Toronto: Anansi, 2000), n.7, “Social Insecurity” issue, pp. 160-69.

(with Elias Polizoes): “Naples: The Porous City. Massimo Cacciari Interviewed by Claudio Velardi.” Alphabet City, ed. John Knechtel (Toronto: Anansi, 1998), n.6, “Open City” issue, pp. 28-43.

Work in Progress

A book project focusing on the interplay between memory and utopia in Italo Calvino's fiction and critical essays 

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