International WeekWestern International


This is the list of events held during International Week 2013. Check back in the fall for 2014 events!


Workshops &

Special Events,
Displays & Tours

  • Carol Wainio: The Book Exhibition Tour, McIntosh Gallery
  • Cultural Showcase by USC Ethnocultural Support Services
  • Faculty of Health Sciences International Showcase
  • Interactive Dinner Specials
  • Language Conversation Groups
  • Learn 10 Phrases Language Booth
  • Foreign Film Screenings:
  • Arabic Film
  • German Film
  • Hispanic Film
  • Italian Film
  • Japanese Fim


  • Songs of Many Lands, presented by the Don Wright Faculty of Music, Voice Area
  • The Green Leaf Cafe - International Menu
  • USC Ethnocultural Awareness Days 
  • Western Law French Society's International Week Movie Night
  • Writing After Chinua Achebe: A Colloquium Reading
  • Anda Pleniceanu: "Mono no Aware: the Poetics of Impermanence in the Tale of Genji "
  • Communicating with International Graduate Students (for Graduate Assistants)
  • Experience International Entrepreneurship through the Ontario Global Exchange Program
  • How to solve the world food crisis
  • International Students and Job Searching
  • Journeys of Migration and Settlement in Canada
  • Lunch & Learn For Faculty and Staff Sponsored by SGPS, Research and Western International
  • Michol F. Hoffman, "Variation and Identities in a Multilingual Context"
  • Passing on Nursing Wisdom
  • Rwanda: International Experiential Learning, Dept. of French Studies
  • Scholars at Risk Panel Presentation
  • Study Abroad and Exchange Information Sessions
  • Supervision Conversation Series: Mentoring International Graduate Students
  • Teaching Support Centre Workshops for Graduate Students & Faculty
  • The Value of Learning and Applying Other Languages: A Roundtable Discussion
  • Towards Vertically-Integrated Peacebuilding: Bridging Top-Down and Bottom-Up Approaches
  • Women's Studies Speaker, Professor Tami Spry: "By The Roots: A performative autoethnographic negotiation of race, class, gender, and age"
  • Writing After Chinua Achebe: A Colloquium-Public Lecture
  • One-on-one Resume & Cover Letter Feedback at WERC (Western’s Employment Resource Centre)

  • Western International Booth - UCC Atrium
  • Breakfast for International and Exchange Students
  • CulturePlex Lab Open House and Tour
  • Experience International Summer opportunities through the eyes of an Engineering student
  • Global Ivey Day
  • Hockey game for International Graduate Students
  • Hockey game for International Undergraduate Students
  • International Exchange Fair
  • King's Global Learning Forum
  • Schulich Medicine & Dentistry International Experiences Showcase
  • Social Science Poster Session
  • Western Heads East AIDS Awareness Displays in Western Residences
  • Western Heads East Connections
  • World's Challenge Challenge


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The Green Leaf Cafe - International Menu Western Heads East Connections The World's Challenge Challenge