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Rechnitzer Lecture

Eighth Annual Peter A. Rechnitzer Lecture


David A. Cunningham, PhD
School of Kinesiology and Department of Physiology
The University of Western Ontario

Thursday, April 25, 2002

4 p.m.
Room 2316, Sommerville House

Canadian Centre for Activity and Aging
The Peter A. Rechnitzer Fund
School of Kinesiology
Department of Physiology
Faculty of Health Sciences
Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry
Faculty of Graduate Studies
Lawson Health Research Institute


David A. Cunningham, PhD
School of Kinesiology and Department of Physiology, UWO

Dr. David A. Cunningham was born and raised in Toronto. He received his BA from the University of Western Ontario in 1960, MSc at the University of Alberta in 1963, and PhD at the University of Michigan in 1966. He continued at the University of Michigan as a Research Associate in Epidemiology involved in the Tecumseh Community Health Study. Dr. Cunningham received a joint appointment in Physiology and Physical Education at the University of Western Ontario in 1969, has been a full Professor since 1978, and Professor Emeritus effective in July 2001.
Dr. Cunningham has published approximately 200 journal articles and 30 review articles or book chapters, and attracted consistent research funding totaling three million dollars. His outstanding contribution to exercise physiology research and scholarship in Canada was recognized with the Honour Award of the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology in 1995. Dr. Cunningham's foresight in establishing research direction has often placed him among the first to publish in areas that have had important clinical and social impact: the "cardiac study", exercise in children, and the initial studies of exercise training of older men. Dr. Cunningham has excelled at developing collaborative research with a cadre of physiologists, physicians, biostatisticians, and social scientists, and his research and collaborative work have been influential in gaining the respect of Medicine and other disciplines for the research conducted in exercise physiology and physical education.
Dr. Cunningham alsohas had a major impact through the successes of his graduate students with approximately 20 Master's and a dozen PhD graduates, and 10 medical or postdoctoral fellows. Nine former students hold faculty appointments in Ontario universities.
Dr. Cunningham was the driving force in the formation of the Centre for Activity and Ageing. In respect of his early work and extensive contributions in the area of exercise and ageing, Dr. Cunningham is the choice for the 8th Peter A. Rechnitzer Lecture. Top

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