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Get out and get active with the little people in your life!

boy running in fieldEveryone wins when you take time to play outside with your children and grandchildren. Read this story for some tips to help you get the most out of your time outdoors with the younger generation. You will both reap the many valuable rewards!

5 energizing ideas for bonding with your grandkids!

From the Labs: The Flexibility Debate

baby stretchin on the beachCCAA Research Assistant and Kinesiology student, Rob Little (under the supervision of CCAA Research Director, Dr. Don Paterson) recently conducted a review of flexibility literature and came up with some surprising results.

Learn more about what he discovered here!

Get Fit For Active Living with Diabetes!

adults and seniors with tools to exerciseAn 8-week course designed by the CCAA might be the key to better health for seniors living with diabetes. The GFAL-D exercise program is designed to help people aged 55 and older better manage their pre-diabetes or Type 2 diabetes.

Read more on the Health Science Matters website

Restorative Care Conference London and Toronto 2011!

seniors exercisingJoin us in September for another unique learning and networking opportunity. The 1-day CCAA Restorative Care Conference will take place at Parkwood Hospital in London on the 23rd and at the Ellas Banquet Hall in Toronto on the 27th.

Visit the conference home page to learn more!

Community Outreach Project and Funding Update

couple walking along roadOut with the old and in with the new! New funding has been awarded to the CCAA to support exciting initiatives. Learn more about where we've been and where we're going as we continue to find ways to improve the lives of seniors in Canada.

Find out more about our applied research initiatives!

Raspberry Creamsicles

black and red raspberriesWith the goodness of raspberries these treats are sure to be hit with the kids and the adults too!

Get this tasty recipe and cool off with a creamsicle today!

Participant Feature
Jim Williams, Made for Walkin'!

jim williamsHe is one of the most dedicated participants we've run across in the halls of the CCAA. One would never guess that until recently his lifestyle was not a very active one and it certainly wasn't healthy. All that has changed now and he's not slowing down!

Read more about Jim's journey to health and wellness!

Facilitator and Trainer Training

If you are a motivated individual with experience working with older adults you could become a Get Fit for Active Living (GFAL) or Home Support Exercise Program (HSEP) Facilitator. As a CCAA Facilitator, you represent the CCAA while teaching the GFAL and HSEP to individuals in your community.

For a list of upcoming dates click here HSEP-F and GFAL-F

Contact Leslie McAdam for information about other CCAA training opportunities.

Western Health Sciences

Feature Stories

Exercising with Kids

The Flexibility Debate

Get Fit for Active Living Diabetes

Outreach Project Update

Participant Feature: Jim Williams

Upcoming Events

Restorative Care Conference
London - September 23, 2011
Toronto - September 27, 2011

Conference web page

Research to Action Vancouver
October 2011

Look for more details about these exciting events in your inbox and on the CCAA website later this summer!

Exclusive CCAA Workshops!

Balls for Strength, Balance and Flexibility
Learn to incorporate balls into high and low mobility programs.

Read more! Dates

Balls, Bands and Balance
Learn to incorporate small balls and resistance bands into your programs.

Read more! Dates

Functional Activity Measures Workshop
Learn to measure the functional abilities of older adults taking into consideration the special needs of this population.

Read more! Dates

Post Rehab Exercise for Stroke
Learn assessment tools and exercises specifically targeted to people with stroke.

Read more! Dates

Functional Fitness for Adult Day Programs
Learn to deliver safe and effective exercise programs in the adult day program setting.

Read more! Dates

New to Exercise?

The Get Fit for Active Living is an 8-week exercise and education program for sedentary older adults. This course can help you get started on a regular exercise program.
Read more! Dates



See photos of staff, students and participants at the latest events around the CCAA.

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