SAS (Win OS only)

Renewing your SAS Software for 2017-18

You do not need to reinstall SAS to renew your license:

  • Sign in ( and select 'SAS'
  • Select the version you are renewing from the list
  • Read and accept the terms of the site license user agreement (EULA)
  • Select your faculty and submit
  • Follow the download instructions
  • Locate the downloaded folder (i.e. on your computer
  • Open the zipped folder and follow the PDF instructions to renew your license

Installation and Activation

There is no software download available for SAS:

  • SAS installation kits are available at no cost to all eligible users
  • Check your system requirements (SAS is only available for Win OS)
  • USB media kits are borrowed from the WTS Administration Office (SSB 4300)
    • Location: Support Services Building (1393 Western Road)
    • Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30a.m. to 4:30p.m. (excluding holidays)
  • Install Kits must be returned to SSB 4300 within three business days

Looking for a SAS network license (cost per CPU)? Email for more details.

NOTE: SAS software must be completely removed from your system once you leave Western University.

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