Getting Started

Step 1: Purchase a Symantec Encryption Product

The following Symantec encryption products must be purchased by a department. All products now include the license + one year of Essential Support (required for SEMS). Contact reseller Bob Cummings @ Stronghold ( to place an order or to ask for a current quote. 

Symantec Endpoint Encryption (v11.0)
(purchased for the SEM Drive Encryption v10.3)

Est. cost: CAD $70.00

Symantec File Share Encryption (v10.3)

Est. cost: CAD $140.00

Symantec Desktop Email Encryption (v10.3)

Est. cost: CAD $140.00

Maintenance for all encryption products must be kept current. It is the responsibility of the unit/customer to renew any annual maintenance fees for their client products. 

Step 2: Create a JIRA ticket with your Symantec Certificate attached

Do not follow the instructions on the Symantec certificate; no software installation should be completed at this point. Your unit's technical contact must create a JIRA ticket for the WTS Server team (WSST) and request an encryption installation package be generated through the SEMS.

Details should include (other information may be requested once the ticket is submitted):

  • where the software is to be installed (i.e. Dr. Smith's laptop) 
  • which client encryption products were purchased (drive, email, file share)
  • proof of purchase (attach Symantec's license certificate)
  • whether a 32-bit or 64-bit client install package is required

Step 3: Prepare system for installation (backup data files, etc.) 

Once the WTS server team has proof that a license was purchased, a software package will be generated from the encryption server for installation. This process allows client updates to be automatically pushed out anytime the SEMS is updated. Once this step is done, the ticket will be updated. 

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