Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I find out more about encryption?
Encryption methods vary; learn about your options on Western's Cryptography website.

Q: Does Western provide encryption solutions?
A: Yes, WTS can help with encryption/PGP via Symantec's Encryption Management Server (SEMS).

Q: I hear Symantec has a new product, Endpoint Encryption. Is this true?
Yes, though SEMS manages drive, desktop and file share encryption solutions; not Endpoint.

Q: I want encryption set up using the WTS managed server (SEMS). How do I do that?
With the help of your unit's technical support, follow the instructions in the 'Getting Started' section.  

Q: Do I have to pay for these Symantec encryption products?
A: Yes and no; the client piece must be purchased by a department; no server (SEMS) fees are charged.

Q: Is the client product a one-time purchase? 
A: No, Symantec also charges an annual maintenance fee for all its encryption products.

Q: Can I install the client software myself when I receive the certificate?
A: No, the certificate is just proof of purchase; WTS will generate the required installation package.

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