Media and Activation

The Microsoft Campus Agreement provides for installation of current versions of Microsoft Office Pro and upgrades to existing Windows Operating systems for eligible users at no cost to the unit.

The following installation media under the MS Campus Agreement software can be requested through your unit's technical support contact or IT purchasing coordinator:

  • MS Office for PC - 2010, 2013, 2016 (products)
  • MS Office for Mac - 2011, 2016 (products)
  • Windows OS (32 or 64-bit) - upgrade only
    • current OS must exist
    • upgrade to Enterprise (Win 7, Win 8.1 or Win 10) products
    • new systems must be purchased with basic OS and then upgraded 

Activation of the software is done through Microsoft's Key Management Server (KMS) only.  KMS policy restricts access to only eligible and authorized Western network connections. Software cannot be installed on personally owned computers even if the system is used for work purposes.

Wireless network access is not included; those who use the wireless network exclusively will need to connect to the campus backbone occasionally (via network port or ROAMS) to maintain a valid copy of the software.

Need to install Office on your personal computer? Office for Home Use

If you need additional information or have other questions about the Western Microsoft Campus Agreement, contact the Helpdesk.

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