TAH Designated Computer FAQs

Q: If I am eligible, how do I get a license for MATLAB?
A: Follow the instructions to install MATLAB.

Q: Do I need to create a MathWorks account?
A: Yes, this is a requirement of this campus licensing program.

Q: What MATLAB products and toolboxes do I have access to?
A list of the current products are listed in your MathWorks account.

Q: What should I do when I leave Western University?
A: Your MATLAB software will have to be completely removed or deactivated.

Q: What if my role means I will be installing MATLAB on more than just my computer?
A: If you are a technical contact or have installation questions, email sitelic@uwo.ca.

Q: Do I have to track multiple installations?
A: Only if you want to identify your individual machines.

Q: What if I want a concurrent or network license?
A: Send your MATLAB network installation requests to sitelic@uwo.ca.

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