Western Faculty, Staff or Graduate Students

  • Faculty and staff (incl. graduate students) can install MATLAB on their personal computers
  • MATLAB can also be installed in department offices or research labs (for academic work only)
  • The campus-wide license cannot be used for commercial use

Undergraduate Students

  • Undergraduate students at Western can install MATLAB on their personal computer
  • Use of the software is for educational purposes only; no commercial use is allowed
  • Check the current release's system requirements for your Win/Mac/Linux computer
  • Log in to Western's Software website (software.uwo.ca) for more details

Affiliated University Colleges

The Total Academic Headcount license does not include Affiliated University Colleges. Contact MathWorks directly to purchase an academic license.

NOTE: If you were redirected to this page, email sitelic@uwo.ca to ask about your eligibility.

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