Esri Training Courses (

  • e-Learning courses available to faculty, staff and students
  • all resources (non-instructor-led) are available at no cost    

Western Libraries Map and Data Centre (

  • Map, Data and GIS Resources on campus 
  • access numerous onsite and online services 

ArcGIS Knowledge Base (

  • You can search the knowledge base using keywords
  • Browse through folders that contain information on different topics relating to ArcGIS for Desktop

Esri Home Page (

  • Visit the Esri home page for up-to-date information about Esri software and services
  • This resource will help you expand your understanding of GIS technology and Internet mapping

Esri Education Solutions (

  • Esri provides educational opportunities related to geographic information science, GIS applications, and technology
  • Choose from among instructor-led courses, web courses, and self-study workbooks to find education solutions that fit your learning style and pocketbook

ArcGIS Resource Center (

  • The ArcGIS Resource Center provides unified access to web-based help, online documentation, and community-contributed content

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