I submitted a request 3 days ago, how can I check the status of it?

Please refer to the Viewing Status of a Request section.  Not only can you see whether it has been approved but if it hasn't you can see who is responsible for approving the request.

My request has been approved but I still can't access the service?

Once your request has been approved it is routed to the WTS Computer Accounts Office (CAO) to grant access to the service.  Please allow up to 2 business days after approval for processing.  If you don't receive notification within 2 business days after approval please contact the Computer Accounts Office.

I need access to Roams but I don't see my department?

Are you associated with an academic department, if so look for your faculty.  Has your department gone through a name change or are they commonly referred to by an acronym?  Alternatively, if you think we are missing your department please contact the Computer Accounts Office.

Why was my request denied?

If you are associated with a large business unit and are new to the university the approver may not be aware of your official start at the university. In most case you may have selected the wrong department from the drop down menu.

The Assigned Approver is no longer with our department, who should I notify?

We strive at keeping our records as accurate as possible. If you think the list of Approvers is not correct please contact the Computer Accounts Office.

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