Basic Service Resources

The following documents are based on components of the current marking software available on campus.

Use the Basic Service Quick Reference Guide (PDF, 2 pgs) or select a specific topic below:

Submitting Your Scantron Forms (PDF, 2 pgs)
Marking and Error Checking the DAT file (PDF, 5 pgs)
Adding a Master Key to the DAT file (PDF, 2 pgs)
Other Master Key Options (PDF, 4 pgs)
Adding a Scantron Form in ScanExam-II (PDF, 2 pgs)
Exam Results and Analysis (PDF, 1 pg)
Exam Printouts and PDFs (PDF, 1 pg)
Names and ID Validation in ScanExam-II
(PDF, 5 pgs)
Creating a DPC Raw Score File for the OWL Gradebook (PDF, 1 pg)

 If you want to learn more about the full capabilities of ScanExam-II, visit the SSTS website.

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