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  • September 20, 2017

    Subject: Communication to iOS users

    This notice relates to a problem with mail on Apple devices only.  Android users are not affected by this issue and need not read any further.
    As you may be aware, Apple iOS 11 was released yesterday, September 19. 
    Apple has acknowledged a compatibility issue which may prevent users of iOS 11 from accessing their Office 365 mail if they use the native mail application on their iPhone or iPad.  Users of the Microsoft Outlook app for iOS (available from the App Store at no cost) are not affected by this problem.  

    Apple is working to resolve this issue.   Once it is resolved, we will send additional communication.

    At this time, we recommend users delay an upgrade to iOS 11 if you wish to continue use of the native Mail app for your Office 365 email.   If you have already upgraded to iOS 11 and are experiencing problems with your mail, WTS recommends installing the Outlook app for iOS. 

    We are sorry for the inconvenience.  For further assistance, please contact the WTS help desk.

    Western Technology Services

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