How Do I... Configure the Outlook App on Android


This guide will walk you through setting up the Outlook app on your Android device to access all of your Western email, calendar and contacts from one convenient location.

How to Configure Outlook on Android

Disclaimer: Some screens may appear different depending on your device.

Step 1

Fig. 1

Download the Outlook app from the Goolge Play Store by scanning the QR code above or visiting on your mobile device

Step 2

Fig. 2

On your home screen, tap the Outlook icon.

Step 3

Fig. 3

Tap “Get Started”, then tap Office 365

Step 4

Fig. 4

Type in your Western email address and wait for the page to redirect

Step 5

Fig. 5

On the Western login page, enter your password and press Sign in.

Step 6

Your account has been added and the Outlook app has now been configured. Your data is syncing, and in a moment all of your Western email, contacts and calendar will be available in one convenient location.

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