How Do I … Setup Email on an iOS device


This guide will outline the process for setting up email on your iOS device (iPad, iPhone and iTouch).

Disclaimer: Some screens may appear different depending on your device and version


Make sure that your Western Identity Manager password has been synchronized.


Step 1

Tap 'Settings' 

Step 2

Scroll to find and tap 'Mail'.

Step 3

Tap 'Accounts'.

Step 4

Tap 'Exchange'.

Step 5a

Enter your Western email address, password, and a description of the account. Tap 'Next'.

Step 5b

NOTE: Step 5b is only required on some devices. If the screen asks for Server information double check you have entered the correct password. If the following screen is not shown proceed to Step 6.
  • In the 'Server' textbox enter:
    Enter the server address

Step 6

Select what feature you would like enabled, and tap Save.

Step 7

Your Western email, calendar, and contacts have now been set up on your device.  Further help is available in the Help menu in Office 365.  Login to Office 365 and click the ? in the top right corner.

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