How Do I … Configure Email on Android 4.2 and up

This Guide will walk you through setting up the Email app in Android to read your Western email using Exchange ActiveSync.  Using ActiveSync will allow your device to integrate with and display your email, calendar, and contacts.

Disclaimer: Some screens may appear different depending on your device and version

How to configure Email on Android 4.2 and up

Step 1

Open Settings

Fig. 1

Step 2

Under Accounts, tap Add Account


Fig. 2

Step 3

Tap Corporate or Microsoft Exchange

Fig. 3

Step 4

Enter your UWO Email Address and Password and tap Next


Fig. 4

Step 5

Fill out the following settings and tap Next:

Domain\Username – your UWO email address

Server –

Fig. 5

Step 6

Tap OK on the Remote security administration prompt

Fig. 6

Step 7

Tap Next on the Account Options screen

Fig. 7

Step 8

Enter a name for the account if desired, and click Next

Fig. 8

Step 9

Tap Activate on the “Activate device administrator” screen

Fig. 9

Step 10

Your Android device is now set up for Western Email.  Your email can be viewed in the Email app, your contacts can be found in the People app, and your Calendar will be added to the Calendar app.  Further help is available in the Help menu in Office 365.  Login to Office 365 and click the ? in the top right corner.

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