University Employee Payroll Scam

By: Jeffrey Gardiner

January 19, 2016

Western Staff and Faculty are being targeted by unknown malefactors in a University Employee Payroll Scam.  This scam has already made its rounds in the United States and is now targeting Canadian universities.  Details of the scam in the United States have been detailed by the FBI  at

A related 'Work-from-home' scam targeting university students is detailed at

ITS is reporting Western’s community is at risk. Faculty and staff are being targeted and victimized by the Payroll Scam and Western students are being victimized by the ‘Work-from-Home’ Scam.  The ‘Work-from-Home scam asked students to set up a bank account (on behalf of the malefactor) and send the details away.  The accounts are used illegally and the the victims are responsible for the financial liabilities.  This scam is a form of identity theft.

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