Installing the Network Client Software for Mac OS X

Important: The existing client software package must be uninstalled before installing the new version.

To uninstall the NetWorker software:

  • Ensure that the NetWorker Recovery application is not running.
  • From a terminal window, type in the following command:
    $sudo /usr/sbin/NetWorkerUninstall

Installation Instructions:

Download Network Client Software for Mac OS X nw823_macosx.dmg.

To install the NetWorker software from the Mac Console:

  • Download the NetWorker software.
  • Use the Archive Utility to unzip the file.  This extracts the installation file into a MacOSX sub folder.
  • Open the MacOSX sub folder and double-click NetWorker.dmg file.  This mounts the NetWorker software on a NetWorker volume.
  • Double-click NetWorker.pkg on the NetWorker volume to launch the NetWorker software.
  • In the Welcome to the NetWorker Client Installer window, click Continue.
  • In the End User License and Basic Maintenance Agreement window, click Continue.
  • Click Agree to agree to the terms of the software license agreement.
  • Click Install to install the NetWorker client on the default volume.  Optionally, click the Change Install Location, and select another MacOSX volume.
  • Click Close.

If you have any questions contact Networker Support Team.

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