Installing the Network Client Software - Windows 64 bit

*Important:* If the client software is already installed on the system, it *must* be removed before installing the new version.

Download Network Client Software - Windows 64 bit

Install the new client

  • Unpack the contents of "", and run autorun.exe to install the client software.
  • This will open a browser window. Click on "Install EMC Networker 8.2.3 software".
  • During the install, when prompted select "Configure the Windows Firewall"
  • Choose the type of Networker software you want to install on this computer. IMPORTANT: Select "Client" only.
  • When prompted to "Select Networker servers" in the "Enter a server name" field enter: hava2.its.uwo.pri, then click "Add"
  • Click OK.

If you have any questions about the steps above, contact Networker Support Team

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