Installing the Networker Client Software - Linux 32-bit

Important: If the client software is already installed on the system, it must be removed before installing the new version.

Installation Instructions:

Download Linux - 32 bit of the Networker client nw823_linux_x86.tar.gz

NOTE: Internet Explorer may change the file extension from tar.gz to tar.tar. Rename the file if necessary.

NOTE: Be sure to only install the "lgtoclnt-" package and the "lgtoman-" package. Do not install any other packages from the tar.gz file.

For instructions on configuring IPTables, follow this link NetWorker iptables Settings for Linux

For instructions on configuring the Centos 7 Firewall, follow this link Configuring the Centos 7 Firewall.

If you have any questions contact Networker Support Team.

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