Finding a Non-Person Account


Using Western Identity Manager either owner of the Non-Person account can search for these accounts. Currently, there are 2 ways you can find a Non-Person account:

  • List My Accounts - This gives a quick list of the accounts owned by the user.
  • Search My Accounts - This gives a more in-depth way of searching for accounts based on attributes, such as expiration dates or account status.

The steps for both are described below.


  1. Log in to Western Identity Manager.
  2. Select the Non-Person Accounts tab.
  3. Select either the List My Accounts OR Search My Accounts tab.
    1. If you selected List My Accounts, click Submit to start the search.
    2. If you selected Search My Accounts, place a check mark beside any of the search criteria and enter appropriate information. You may clear your data at any time by clicking the Reset Query button. Once you are ready to search, click the Submit button.
  4. A results page will display the User IDs that match your criteria.

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