Editing a Non-Person account's attributes


Using Western Identity Manager either owner of the Non-Person Account may edit the attributes.  There are 2 attributes that can be modified on a Non-Person account:

  • Description - This allows you to store a description of the account.  This may be populated upon creation with the reason given during the original request but it can be changed to reflect any pertinent information.
  • Display Name - This allows you to set the display name of the account.  The display name field is visible in many applications, such as email clients and Windows domain log in sessions.

The steps for both are described below.


  1. Log in to Western Identity Manager.  
  2. Find the account(s) you would like to manage the passwords for, using either List Accounts or Search Accounts from the Non-Person Accounts tab.  More information on finding accounts.
  3. Place a check mark beside each other accounts you would like to manage attributes for, and select Edit.
  4. Place a check mark beside the attribute you would like to change (you may do both attributes at the same time) and enter the new values.  Whatever you enter here will be applied to all accounted selected on the previous page.  When done, click Submit.
  5. A results page will display each User ID and updated values.

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