Summary of Comments

This is a summary of the many comments included in the completed surveys. They are ordered by the number of comments received, with the most commented on services being the first.

Email, Spam, and Phishing

Clearly, our customers are most dissatisfied with our spam and phishing filter.  A few commented on how the old Convergence system was better at catching spam and phishing emails.

Collaboration Tools

There is a desired for an improved file sharing collaboration tool that could be used across campuses.  Examples given included: 

  • Dropbox 
  • Google Classroom 
  • OneDrive 
  • Private/Local Cloud

Website Support

The respondents expressed a desire for a more in-depth Cascade specific support as well as adding new services such as a PHP programming and support, and website development and support for sites like Wordpress.

Helpdesk Support

Many of the comments made were requesting services that are already provided by the Helpdesk (i.e. weekend and after-hours services).


The respondents requested a wireless network for non-university based visitors and improved Wifi speed/bandwidth in certain "dead" zones such as the library. 


Several respondents commented on OWL's "clunky" interface.  They also requested additional metrics to OWL so that educators could see what students are doing and how long they are doing the actions.

Site Licenses

Many comments about Site Licenses mentioned the desire for expanding the repertoire of available site licenses.  Some licenses mentioned were: 

  • Adobe 
  • Mathematica 
  • Simul8 
  • E-Prime

Classroom Support

The respondents requested increased technical support for instructors as well as a selection of HDMI cables and adapters available for emergencies.  


Several comments requested an increase amount of Linux support available on campus.


Respondents express displeasure with the current phone system, particularly the voice command system in lieu of a live person.

Non-Credit Courses

Comments were made about the desire for fresh, new course offerings such as courses in Photoshop.

Telecom Support

Respondents requested a worldwide increase of the VOIP telephone system and the ability to route a campus extension to a smartphone. 

Corporate Data Access

There is a desire to create an online corporate data access form to streamline the current manual process.


Several comments were made about VDI.  Genlabs zero clients were critiqued for poor performance when playing video and there is a lack of sufficient resources to run common applications on VDI.


A need to improve communications between Western Libraries and our department was expressed.

Apple Support

A couple of respondents expressed the desire for increased support for Mac OS users.


The expensiveness of backing things up was expressed.


Respondents requested an improvement in the fonts of campus programs such as OWL as well as the possibility of providing accessibility courses to help faculties when they perform updates.


A request was made for restoration of the ability to modify themes in Qualtrics.

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