WTS Computer Lab Rentals

  • All rentals include:
    • 15 participant stations plus one instructor station
    • large screen and projector (linked to instructor station)
    • access to the installed software (details)
    • a large whiteboard
  • Other rental requirements (if needed):
    • renters must provide proof of licensing if their own software is required
    • there are additional fees for any software installs or testing 
    • all technical and setup arrangements must be made at least two weeks ahead of rental
    • check the WTS Services Document for "Technical Assistance - Time and Materials" rates

Training Lab (SSB 4230) Rental Fees

  • Western Member: $65.00 per session (AM/PM)
  • Affiliate: $130.00 per session (AM/PM)

Send your request (department; contact info; training details) to: wts-rentals@uwo.ca

The WTS Computer Training lab is not available to external groups.

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