Introductory Non-Credit Course Listings

  • most sessions are three half-days in length (check the registration form for exact details)
  • the manual is included in the course cost and will be supplied on the first day
  • Office 2010 and 2016 users can also attend any of the course offerings listed below

Refer to each listing for course details and requirements:

Access 2013: Level 1 4 half-days
Registration Form 

This 4 half-day course is for users with little or no experience with creating database applications. The course begins by planning and designing a database and covers the principles to consider to maximize data quality. The participants will then create a simple relational database with tables using the most common data types and set relationships. An accompanying application will be created that contains basic select queries, forms to enter data and reports to output summaries. Note: This course was previously offered over 3-half-days.
Who Should Attend: People who are familiar with computers and have experience using Microsoft Windows.

Excel 2013: Level I
3 half-days Registration Form 

This 3 half-day introductory course teaches users how to create and maintain workbooks with basic calculations. Participants will use a variety of Excel features to format and determine a suitable layout for common business reports such as budgets, inventory reports, and invoices.
Who Should Attend: People who are familiar with computers and have experience using Microsoft Windows.

InDesign 3 half-days Registration Form 

In this three half-day course, users will learn how to create a document such as a flyer or brochure using basic desktop publishing skills. Participants will design and format a document; apply advanced styles; and work with various elements to align, arrange, and transform objects and tables within the document. Finally, users will learn the techniques required to package the document together for printing or web distribution.
Who Should Attend: People who are already familiar with other Adobe software (such as Acrobat and Photoshop) and word processing programs.

3 half-days Registration Form 

This 3 half-day course provides participants with the concepts and skills to use Adobe Photoshop CS5 effectively. Users will learn how to use layers and apply filters to create special effects. Other topics include image creating/editing enhancement; photo retouching; and saving images in web, print, and PDF formats.
Who Should Attend: This course is designed for the average computer user who is familiar with the basic skills of computer use and understands file management.

PDF icon Course Brochure (PDF) to print

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