Learn how to use FOOTERS in Cascade

Popular Resources Footer - how to edit popular resources in the footer.

The popular resources footer can contain links to any particular sites that you may want to highlight.

1. To begin, edit the Footer Popular Resources block and type your title (usually the title of the page) and either provide the link in Cascade or link to an external webpage.  

2. The changes will be reflected in the footer:

Contact Information Footer - learn how to edit contact information in the footer.

The footer address can be found in every configuration set and provides contact information for your faculty/department/unit.

1. To change the footer address,  first edit the Footer Address block:

2. Be sure to enter the correct contact information in the corresponding sections.  Once you have made your required changes, click Save & Preview to see the changes and then Submit.
3. The changes will be reflected in the footer:


Key Topics Footer - learn how to edit key topics in the footer.

As you build your top-level navigation, the key topics in your footer are automatically created.  They are simply a reflection of your top-navigation items and cannot be edited or changed.

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