Who Can Use Cascade?

  • Cascade can be used by any faculty, department or unit that has an official Western web site.   Web pages can be published to both the corporate web server (http://www.uwo.ca/department name) or to a departmental web server that you maintain.  Free corporate web server space is available to any department on campus.  New site requests are created using the most current Western website design provided by Communications & Public Affairs.
  • To determine if you are eligible to use Cascade to maintain your web site in the most current Western website design, please submit at JIRA ticket at jira.uwo.ca.

Are there any charges for using Western's CMS (Cascade)?

  • There is no charge for the use of Cascade to create, publish and maintain web pages.  Sites in Cascade will typically follow Western's website design and branding.

Is there any cost to use Cascade? 

  • Access to Cascade is made available to any faculty member or staff member at Western at no charge to them or their department at Western.  All training and support for Cascade is provided by Western Technology Services and done specifically for your site.

Can php, rss feeds, flash, etc. be used with Western's CMS (Cascade)?

  • Yes, php, rss feeds, flash, etc. can all be used within Cascade.

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