Get More Help With Cascade CMS

If you have reviewed all the documentation and still have questions, we are here to help. 

Simply create a JIRA ticket for us at to get help with your problem.

1. Click on the words log in.  Once you are logged in you will see the reporter screen.

2. In the Summary box: Include a brief summary of your problem (similar to the subject line of an email).

3. In the Description box;  Write as much information as you can about your problem.

4. These are the only fields that you need to complete.  If you wish to add information in the other fields you can also do that. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Create button.

Once you click create, a ticket is created in the JIRA system and you will receive an email confirming that that ticket is open.  When a Cascade Support Team member starts working on the ticket, you will receive an email telling you who is working on the ticket and possibly a request for more information.  If more information is required from you, you will need to log into JIRA and add your information into the ticket.  You can also check on the ticket's progress whenever you like by logging into JIRA.

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