Benefits of Using Cascade

Use your favourite operating system and browser

  • works with both Windows and Macintosh systems and any browser
  • no client-side installation is required
  • no cost is incurred by the unit/department/faculty for software, training or support
  • accessible from anywhere in the world that you have a computer, browser and internet connection

Push technology you control

  • Western's Web Content Management System (Cascade) pushes the HTML files to the web server when you choose
  • content on the web server is unaffected by edits until it is published
  • when Western's Web Content Management System (Cascade) is scheduled for maintenance or down for any reason your web pages remain live and unaffected

Flexible role management

  • roles can be set up for a variety of users in your unit/department/faculty (anything from full rights to create and publish to rights to only edit a specific page)

Shared Content

  • areas can share content with one another (e.g. School of Graduate and Postdoctural Studies can share consistent content with any Graduate Programs who also have their content in Cascade)

Standard Look and Feel

  • your pages can have a standard Western look and feel which will everyone who visits a Western web site and needs to navigate through a variety of departments

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