About Cascade

Western uses a centrally-managed Web Content Management System (WCMS), Hannon Hill's Cascade CMS, to manage and publish website content. Cascade CMS helps to ensure that information is accurate, relevant, current, consistent and easily shared among Western websites. The user-friendly interface allows individuals who manage or contribute to websites to create and edit content more easily with no need to purchase your own software.

Cascade CMS is centrally-supported and is available to any unit interested in using the current Western web look designed by the Department of Communications and Public Affairs. 

There are no costs involved in using Cascade.   Using Cascade to build and maintain your website is free and WTS provides free training and support to any area that wishes to move their web sites into Cascade.

Because Cascade CMS is a web application, you are able to create, edit and publish content from any computer that is connected to the internet and has a web browser installed.

For more information on how your department can start using Cascade Server, please create a ticket in the Web Support area at jira.uwo.ca. Members of the web support group in WTS will meet with you to determine how best to use Cascade CMS with your website.

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