Minor in Creative Writing

Open to all students in the University, the Minor in Creative Writing offers undergraduate students the opportunity to develop their ability to write fiction, poetry, screenplays, and other forms of imaginative literature. Any undergraduate student may apply for admission, subject to prerequisites and general University entrance requirements.

Admission Requirements

Completion of first-year requirements including 1.0 course from English 1020E, 1022E, 1024E, or English 1027F/G and 1028F/G, or Film Studies 1020E or Film Studies 1022, with a final grade of at least 60%.*
*Students registering in the Minor in Creative Writing must complete Writing 1000F/G, Writing 1030F/G, or Writing 1031F/G with a grade of at least 70%, or one of Writing 2101F/G, 2125F/G (or the former 2121F/G), Writing 2111F/G or 2131F/G with a grade of at least 65%, or obtain special permission of the Department, in order to take required senior Writing courses.

4.0 courses:

1.0 course in English (not including English 3998E and 4999E) or Film Studies at the 2000 level or above.
3.0 courses from: Writing 2203F/G, 2204F/G, 2211F/G, 2213F/G, 2214F/G, 2218F/G, 2219F/G, 2220F/G, 2222F/G, 2223F/G, 2224F/G, 2225F/G, Writing 2226F/G, Writing 2227F/G, Writing 3228F/G (or the former Writing 2217F/G), Writing 4998F/G (or the former Writing 2299F/G), Writing 4999E; English 3998E, 4999E.

In certain cases courses not listed above, including Special Topics courses in Writing, may be used toward the Minor in Creative Writing. Students should contact the Undergraduate Program Director (Writing) for further information and specific approvals.

Note: the Minor in Creative Writing may be combined with the Certificate in Professional Communication. The Minor in Creative Writing may not be combined with the Certificate in Writing.