Honors Specialization in Creative Writing and English Language and Literature

Students entering first year: designate the Faculty of Arts and Humanities as your faculty of registration, and choose your first-year courses to meet the module 'Admission Requirements' set out in the 'Worksheet' (link below). You will designate the module as your academic program during ITR (Intent to Register), which takes place in February/March in your first year, and submit your portfolio in April/May of your first year. Portfolio criteria and admission procedure can be found in the Worksheet.

First-year students should note that the deadline for portfolio submission is May 6th, 2019 – for admission to the module for the academic year 2019–2020. Admission to the module is not competitive; all students who achieve the required grades/averages on the courses required for admission and whose portfolio is approved will be admitted to the program. 

Please Note: the module requirements (years 2 through 4) for the program have been changed effective 2017-2018.  Students admitted to the module effective September 2017 and after will be proceeding under those new requirements here.  Students admitted to the module effective September 2016 and earlier will be proceeding under the "old" module requirements here unless they have obtained permission to switch to the new requirements.

If you have specific further questions about either the admission or module requirements, please feel free to contact: 

the Undergraduate Program Director/Writing Studies (Prof. Brock Eayrs at beayrs@uwo.ca) with questions about the admission requirements (including the portfolio) and/or Writing Studies courses; or 

the office of the Undergraduate Chair/English Studies (Prof. Richard Moll at rmoll@uwo.ca) with questions about the admission requirements and/or English Studies courses.