Diploma in Writing

Open to all students with a university degree, the Diploma in Writing aims to develop the general writing ability of students. All program courses may be credited toward other undergraduate programs. Anyone with a university degree may apply for admission, subject to prerequisites and general university entrance requirements. If you do not already possess a university degree, you may apply for admission to the Certificate in Writing, which can be taken concurrently with an undergraduate degree.

Admission Requirements 

Either a grade of at least 65% in one of Writing 2101F/G, 2125 F/G (or the former Writing 2121F/G), Writing 2111F/G or 2131F/G, or a grade of at least 70% in one of Writing 1000F/G, Writing 1030F/G, or Writing 1031F/G is required for entrance to the program.

Program Requirements
To qualify for the Certificate in Writing, students must achieve an overall
average of 70% in 3.5 courses:

0.5 course: Writing 4998F/G (or the former Writing 2299F/G).
3.0 Writing courses numbered 2200 and above.
Students may substitute a maximum 1.0 approved non-Writing course toward this requirement, and should contact the Undergraduate Program Director, Writing (Department of English and Writing Studies) for further information and specific course approvals.