Diploma in Professional Communication

Open to all students in the University, the Diploma in Professional Communication aims to develop students' writing abilities in workplace writing genres. All program courses may be credited toward other undergraduate programs. Any undergraduate student may apply for admission, subject to prerequisites and general University entrance requirements. A student who does not yet possess a university degree may apply for admission to the Certificate in Professional Communication which can be taken concurrently with an undergraduate degree.

Admission Requirements 

A grade of at least 65% in Writing 2111F/G, or a grade of at least 70% in one of Writing 1030F or Writing 1031F/G is required for entrance to the program.

Program Requirements

To qualify for the Certificate in Professional Communication, students must achieve an overall average of 70% in these 3.5 courses:

0.5 required course: Writing 4998F/G (or the former Writing 2299F/G).
3.0 Writing courses from: Writing 2202F/G, 2203F/G, 2209F/G, 2210F/G, 2215F/G, 3220F/G, 3221F/G, 3222F/G, 3223F/G (or the former Writing 2205F/G), Writing 3224F/G (or the former Writing 2206F/G), Writing 3225F/G (or the former Writing 2207F/G), Writing 3226F/G (or the former Writing 2212F/G), Writing 3227F/G (or the former Writing 2216F/G), Writing 3228F/G (or the former Writing 2217F/G), Writing 3229F/G (or the former Writing 2221F/G), Writing 3300F/G. Speech 2001 may be counted toward this requirement. In certain instances Special Topics courses in Writing, and a maximum 1.0 approved course from outside the Department of English and Writing Studies may be counted toward this requirement. Students should contact the Undergraduate Program Director/Writing Studies for further information and specific course approvals.