2100 - Level Introductory Writing Courses

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Speech 2001

Speech 2001 - The Major Forms of Oral Discourse

For effective communication of ideas: Public Address, with basic purposes; Group Discussion; Debate; Voice and Diction; Interpretative Reading.

Full Year Section 001 Syllabus

Full Year Section 002 Syllabus

Writing 2101F/G

Writing 2101F/G - Introduction to Expository Writing

An introduction to the basic principles and techniques of good writing. The course will emphasize practical work and the development of writing skills for a variety of subjects and disciplines. Antirequisite(s): The former Writing 2121F/G. 

Fall Section 001 Syllabus

Fall Section 650 Syllabus

Winter Section 001 Syllabus

Winter Section 650 Syllabus

Writing 2111F/G

Writing 2111F/G - Writing in the World: Introduction to Professional Writing

This course will introduce students to various genres of workplace writing such as letters, memos, and reports. Topics include: employment communications (application letters and resumes); business writing style; positive, negative, and persuasive messages; cross-cultural communication; oral communication. Antirequisite(s): Writing 1031F/G.

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Winter Section 001 Syllabus 

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Winter Section 004 Syllabus

Winter Section 651 Syllabus

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Winter Section 653 Syllabus

Winter Section 654 Syllabus

Writing 2130F/G

Writing 2130F/G - Building Better Communcation Bridges: Rhetoric & Professional Communication for Engineers

This course introduces students to rhetorical principles and the practices of written, oral, and visual communication in professional engineering contexts. Students will learn strategies for drafting and designing technical and academic documents and for approaching the editing and revision of those documents. Antirequisite(s): The former Engineering Science 2211F/G.

Fall Sections 001 Syllabus

Fall Section 002 Syllabus

Fall Section 003 Syllabus

Winter Section 001 Syllabus

Winter Section 002 Syllabus

Writing 2131F/G

Writing 2131F/G - No Bones About It:Writing For the Sciences

Writing in the Sciences introduces students to the basic principles and genres of writing required for science students in their undergraduate careers: lab reports, summaries of scientific research, and scientific review essays. The course will focus on drafting and revising various reports written on scientific topics.

Winter Section 001 Syllabus