Student Publications

Congratulations to Xanthi Barker who won first prize for her short story "Love in The Time of Katamine". Her short story was published in London UK First Open Literature Magazine, Open Pen, Issue 5.

Congratulations to Josh Litman who won First Place in the UWO Film Festival and Third Place in the Ivey Film Festival for a short film he wrote, produced, and directed. Congratulations also to Patrick Barfoot who starred in the film.
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Ariana Ferrone, a student in the Minor in Creative Writing, recently had a flash fiction piece “Cold Air” published in Cicada magazine, a literary magazine for young adults.  This piece, describing the meeting of two strangers over French Fries, was created for Professor Terence Green’s course last year.   

Congratulations to Millie Ho and Philippe James from Writing 1000G for having essays published in the upcoming Premier, the AHSC first year essays guide and academic resource manual.