Andrea Allen

Andrea Allen MTS, PhD (Harvard)

Women's Studies and Feminist Research and Huron University College
Office: Lawson Hall 3234
Phone: 519-661-2111 ext 86941


Sexuality, Gender, and LGBTQ Studies, Intimate Partner Violence, Black Feminism, Race, Religions of the African Diaspora, Medical Anthropology, and Brazilian Immigration to North America.

Selected Publications

  • Andrea Stevenson Allen. Violence and Desire in Brazilian Lesbian Relationships. London, UK: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015.

  •  “‘Brides’ without Husbands: Lesbians in the Afro-Brazilian Religion Candomblé,” in Transforming Anthropology 20(1):17-31 (April 2012). Reprint in Religion, Sexuality and Spirituality, eds. Carole Cusack and Jason Prior (New York: Routledge 2015).

  • “Candomblé: An Afro-Brazilian Religion” in Encyclopedia of the African Diaspora, ed. Carole Boyce Davies (Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO 2008).

  • Linda Barnes, Andrea Allen, Melicia Charles, Azande Mangeango, and Kenneth L. Fox, “Healing in Immigrant Communities of the African Diaspora of Boston” in Religious Healing in Boston: Report from the Field, ed. Susan Sered (Cambridge, MA: Center for the Study of World Religions, Harvard University Divinity School 2002).

Recent Conferences

  • “Sex, Desire, and Pleasure in Brazilian Lesbian Relationships.” Sexing Desire, Performing Sex.  American Anthropological Association, Chicago, Illinois, November 20-24, 2013

  • “Female Same-Sex Sexuality and the Subversion of Nationalist Ideologies in Brazil.” Rethinking Race and Sexuality: Feminist Conversations, Contestations, and Coalitions.  Simone de Beauvoir Institute, Montreal, Quebec, April 17-19, 2013.

  • “Political Will Versus Cultural Realities: The Efficacy of ‘Rights-Based’ LGBTQ Activism in Brazilian Society.” Sexual Citizenship, Human Rights, and Social Change.  American Anthropological Association, San Francisco, California, November 14-18, 2012.

  • Invited Lecture: “I Took Her Blood: Intimate Partner Violence Among Lesbian Women in Salvador, Brazil.”  Anthropology Department, University of Florida, Gainesville, Florida, October 9, 2012.