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Women's Studies and Feminist Research Speaker Series

Fall 2015 Speakers

Sexual Liberation in a Bubble: Disability, Adolescence, and Prime Time TV
October 7, 2015, UCC 58
Julie Elman, University of Missouri


Bio excerpt from http://www.juliepelman.com/:
Julie Elman served as Lecturer of Television Studies/Media Theory at University College Dublin in the Republic of Ireland and Assistant Professor/Faculty Fellow of Gender and Sexuality Studies in New York University's Department of Social & Cultural Analysis, where she developed the university's first-ever undergraduate disability studies course. Her research focuses broadly on disability studies; feminist and queer theory; science studies; youth studies, and 20th century media and cultural history. Elman's monograph, Chronic Youth: Disability, Sexuality, and US Media Cultures of Rehabilitation shows how the representational figure of the teenager became a cultural touchstone for shifting notions of able-bodiedness, heteronormativity, and neoliberalism. By analyzing how adolescence increasingly became represented as a disability, the book reveals how the teenager became a lynchpin for a US culture of perpetual rehabilitation and governmentality.

Winter 2014-15 Speakers

Postfeminist Risk: Prophylactic Mastectomy and Questions of Empowerment
Thursday, March 19th, 4:30 - 6:00pm in SH 2317

dubriwny Dr. Dubriwny will be visiting Western from the Texas A&M University, where she is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication and the Women and Gender Studies Program. Her recently published book, The Vulnerable Empowered Woman: Feminism, Postfeminism, and Women’s Health (Rutgers University Press),has been recognized with the Outstanding Book Award, Organization for the Study of Communication, Language and Gender (2013) and the Bonnie Ritter Book Award, Feminist and Women's Studies Division, National Communication Association (2013).

The Child 'Monster' and Feminist Ethics.
Tuesday January 20, 4:30-6pm in SH 3315 

jane_nicholasDr. Jane Nicholas is an Associate Professor in Women's Studies at Lakehead University and holds a PhD in History from the University of Waterloo. Her presentation is based on her most current SSHRC-funded book manuscript project on the history of the freak show in Canada, 1900-1970. She has also published The Modern Girl: Feminine Modernities, Commodities, and the Body in the 1920s University of Toronto Press, 2014) and Contesting the Body and Nation in Canadian History (UTP, co-edited with Patrizia Gentile).

Fall 2014-15 Speakers

Who Cares for the Caregivers? How Spouses in Same-Sex and Different-Sex Marriages Support Intergenerational Caregivers of Later-Life Parents
Tuesday November 11, 4:30-6pm in SH 2355

reczekDr. Reczek is an Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Ohio State University. Her research is situated in the fields of family, gender, and health. Her research focuses on articulating how gender, sexuality, and aging processes in family ties promote or deter health. A first strand of research explores how union status matters for health and health behavior for men and women in same-sex and different-sex unions. A second strand of research examines the parent-child tie, with a focus on the consequences of parent-child relationships for the well-being of both generations across the life course. A third strand of research explores how same-sex family structures shape child well-being. Prof. Reczek uses qualitative in-depth interview methods to ascertain processes, mechanisms, and meaning-making, and survey methods to ascertain large-scale population trends.

Madness, Gender and Sanism: Implications for Research and Practice
Wednesday October 22, 2014, 4:30-6pm in SH 2316

jennifer_pooleDr. Jennifer Poole is an Associate Professor, School of Social Work, Ryerson University. With a background in community work and mental/health, Jennifer's interdisciplinary research program is centred on madness, "health", and "mental health", taking up philosophical, practice and policy concerns. Current projects focus on the experiences of Mad people in post secondary education, sanism, critical approaches to grief, death and transplantation. Author of Behind the Rhetoric: Mental Health Recovery in Ontario, she is particularly interested in Foucauldian notions of discourse/critical discourse analysis, theorizing the body as well as critical social work practice/pedagogy, critical disability, community based research and anti-oppressive practice(s). She hails from Montreal, loves her students and rarely says no to chocolate.

Previous Speakers

El Jones, Poet Laureate and Spoken Word Artist
March 13th from 4:30 to 6:00 pm in SSC 3014

El Jones is Halifax Regional Municipality’s fifth poet laureate. She is the artistic director of the Word Iz Bond, A Spoken Word Artist Collective and she currently teaches in the African Canadian Transition Program at Nova Scotia Community College and in the Women's Studies program at Acadia. She describes herself as a “spoken word activist” and believes in poetry’s power to mobilize black consciousness and give youth a voice. Her poetry is particularly committed to political causes and social justice.

Jessica Danforth, Founder and Executive Director of the Native Youth Sexual Health Network
Wednesday, January 20, 2014 Time: 1:00-2:30 pm Location: SSC 3014
"Speaking Back from the Margins: Indigenous Sexual and Reproductive Health, Rights and Justice."

Jessica Danforth is the founder and Executive Director of the Native Youth Sexual Health Network, the first and only organization of its kind by and for Indigenous youth working across issues of sexual and reproductive health, rights, and justice throughout the United States and Canada. She has spent more than half her life mobilizing individuals, families, and communities alike to reclaim their ancestral rights to self-determine decisions over their own bodies and spaces. Jessica is currently serving as the Youth Coordinator for the National Indigenous Youth Council on HIV/AIDS, and she is the North American co-chair for the Global Indigenous Youth Caucus at the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. In addition, she is a member of a number of national and international boards and collectives including SisterSong Women of Color for Reproductive Justice Collective and Women on Web/Women on Waves. Her talk is entitled: “Speaking Back from the Margins: Indigenous Sexual and Reproductive Health, Rights and Justice.