MA Graduates

redKari Bell

Independent Research Project: Intersectionality in Practice: Deconstructing How Intersectionality is Operationalized in the #blacklivesmatter Campaign

orangeKatrina Fukuda

Independent Research Project: Assessing the Impacts and Importance of Representations of Asian Masculinities on Young Asian Diasporas in Canada.

yellowEmily Pickard

Independent Research Project: Representing Scottish Masculinity in 18th Century Ballads and the 21st Century Series Outlander

taylorAllison Taylor

Independent Research ProjectFlabulously' Femme: Fat (F)em(me)bodied Subjectivity and Resistance

greenHolly Taylor

Independent Research Project“You Should Know Better”: The Conflicts of Feminist-Identified Women Who Experience Intimate Partner Violence in a Non-Profit Culture

wnukJessica Wnuk

Independent Research Project: India’s Daughter: The International Emergence of Commentaries and Reports on the 2012 Gang Rape Documentary

woodmanKatherine Woodman

Independent Research Project: “A Common Feeling”: Theorizing Representations of Asexualities Within Queer Identity Politics and Sex-Positive Communities